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Never be left in the dark again! Experience the best in residential electrician in ILLAWARRA, NSW. From flickering lights to new installations, our local electricians are here to illuminate your space, swiftly and professionally.

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Residential Services

Lighting up homes across ILLAWARRA, NSW, our residential electrician excels in everything from simple electrical installations to complex home system overhauls. For those unexpected outages, our emergency electrician service ensures you're never left in the dark.

Commercial Services

In the heartbeat of Sydney's bustling businesses, our commercial electrician services ensure reliable electrical connections that stand out. With our skilled electrical contractors, we promise seamless electrical solutions, keeping businesses, big and small, running smoothly.

Strata Electrical Maintenance

Maintaining shared spaces requires specialized expertise. We offer top-tier strata electrical maintenance, working closely with property managers across ILLAWARRA, NSW. Our electrical technicians ensure that communal areas are efficiently serviced.

Why Choose Electrical3 for Residential Electrician Service in ILLAWARRA, NSW

Holistic Electrical Consultation

Our services go beyond mere fixes. We offer comprehensive consultations to ensure your living or working space is fully optimized for safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Whether redesigning or upgrading, we're your dedicated electrical strategy partners.

Continued Training & Innovation

The electrical field is ever-evolving, and so are we. Our team undergoes regular training, staying updated with the latest techniques and innovations. This commitment guarantees you receive the most advanced and efficient solutions available.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, no unexpected costs. With our steadfast commitment to transparency, we ensures you know exactly what you're paying for. We proudly provide detailed, honest quotes upfront, always emphasizing value and supreme quality.

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Our Clientele: A Testament to Quality and Trust

Empowering NSW’s finest homes, our residential electrician in ILLAWARRA, NSW stand testament to quality. Our diverse clientele speaks volumes, and their trust in us mirrors our unwavering commitment to safety and service excellence.

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Electrical Craftsmanship: Excellence Unveiled

In need of a proficient residential electrician near me who understands the nuances of modern homes? Your search ends here. Serving as the go-to local electricians from the Northern Beaches to the North Shore, we’ve carved our niche in the Sydney electrical arena by melding traditional electrical knowledge with today’s tech-driven demands. From essential electrical repairs near me to the intricacies of home renovations, our touch ensures both function and finesse.


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We're there fast, on time and provide unblessed professional advice

Upfront Pricing

We provide upfront transparent pricing with no hidden costs

What do we bring to the table?

An array of services that stand out among other electrical companies, for starters. We seamlessly integrate advanced home automation systems, fortify security with the latest intercom solutions, and refine living spaces with contemporary audio-visual installations. Considering a home upgrade? We’re adept at ensuring efficient electrical connections, transitioning from standard power outlets to USB-centric points, optimizing device charging for the modern family. And for those venturing into construction or renovation, our level 2 electrician expertise, along with a comprehensive planning and collaborative approach with builders, ensures your vision is executed with precision and prowess.


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The primary differences between commercial and residential electrical installations are their purpose and usage, electrical load, complexity, codes and regulations, wiring, and maintenance needs. Commercial installations are larger, more complex, and subject to stricter regulations than residential ones.

The hourly rate for a residential electrician can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, experience, and the specific services provided. Residential electricians in NSW might charge between $80 to $120 or more per hour. However, these rates can change over time, so it’s advisable to contact local electricians for up-to-date pricing information specific to your area and project.

An electrician works on various electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, while an industrial electrician specializes in electrical systems specific to industrial environments, dealing with complex machinery and high-voltage systems.

To find a good residential electrician:

Ask for recommendations from people you trust.

Check online reviews and ratings.

Verify their licensing and insurance.

Get multiple quotes for your project.

Ensure clear communication and professionalism.

Ask for references and check qualifications.

A residential electrician installs, repairs, and maintains electrical systems in homes. They work on tasks like wiring, outlets, switches, lighting, circuit breakers, and electrical appliances to ensure safe and functional household electrical systems.

A residential electrician installs wiring, troubleshoots and repairs electrical issues, and installs or upgrades electrical appliances in homes.

Residential electricians work in homes, dealing with smaller electrical systems, while commercial electricians work in non-residential settings, handling larger and more complex electrical systems for businesses and organizations.

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